Course - MS Excel/ Powerpoint

The IT-ITeS industry is growing at a fast pace and its workforce requirements are also undergoing rapid change. Today, it demands a highly skilled and enabled manpower to continue the upward trend in its growth. It requires specialized talent to cater to the ever changing needs of the industry


Capacity building and skill development emerge as core components working towards bridging the current skill gap.The online learning kit by Vision India covers the relevant digital skill development courses required to ensure professional competencies & improve overall efficiencies. The training course would widely cover courses on Soft Skills, Data Entry, Microsoft Office, Business Process Outsourcing, basic IT hardware and Networking etc. Each course duration would be between 8-10 hrs. and would cover 5-6 modules and assessments at the end of each module.

The skill training program will facilitate the youth to gain entry into the job market in the relevant industry with placement opportunities.We have successfully trained and placed more than 10000 candidates certified with this e-learning program to 20+ leading Indian Corporates as well as MNCs.