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City Gas Distribution - Engineering Graduates - Advance

The CGD Engineering Graduate Advanced Program helps graduates to hone their skills and secure guaranteed career opportunities through industry expertise and advanced training.

City Gas Distribution - Engineering Graduates - Advance

Program Description:

India possesses significant potential for gas consumption and is projected to become one of the world's largest consumers of natural gas. Due to the rising demand for natural gas,  the market is expected to witness growth which will lead to a significant demand for an Engineering workforce within the sector.

This demand translates to millions of employment opportunities for young Engineers and other support professionals equipped with the required expertise, and necessary technical and professional readiness.

However, employment experts indicate a skill gap across industries concerning education & Training.

How does LiveSkills bridge the gap between careers in CGD?

➔     LiveSkills is a much-needed bridge connecting aspiring talents nationwide with exciting and rewarding job opportunities.

➔     The CGD Engineer Graduate Advanced Program on LiveSkills provides best-in-class skill-based training programs for entry-level job roles across organisations involved in City Gas Distribution under Petroleum and Natural Gas Industry.

➔     The 250 Hours Program is divided into 5-modules specially designed for Graduates aspiring to pursue an Engineering Career in CGD division under Petroleum & Natural Gas industry with an emphasis to cater to the proficiency gaps in the industry.

➔     Besides the 5-modules, the program incorporates a Product Management course that allows you to acquire key strategies, tools, and techniques to lead successful product development from thought process to market success.

➔     Additionally, the program also offers placement opportunities to individuals in India and abroad.

This course includes:

➔     250 hours of on-demand video

➔     Assessment modules to track your progress

➔     Guaranteed Job Placement

➔     Practical Lab Centers

➔     Corporate Presence in CGD & Allied activities

➔     Accessibility on mobile, Laptops, Tablets, TV, etc.

➔     Free LiveSkills Certification upon course completion

Who is this course for?

➢     B.Tech graduates preferably in Mechanical / Electrical / Civil engineering / Chemical / Instrumentation.

➢     Individuals who want to start their career in City Gas Distribution can apply for this 6-month Training & Employment program which comes with a Learn & Earn opportunity.

➢     Anyone who wants to Up-Skill or switch their career from non-technical background to a technical background.

Our Approach:

➢     The Program is designed into 5 learning modules that blend online learning, simulation, video-based learning, Lab based training, and hands-on experience at actual worksites.

➢     Each program module emphasises providing knowledge and hands-on experience on CGD operations in Petroleum & Natural Gas context.

➢     Overall, 75% of the course is dedicated to on-the-job at actual project execution sites and the remaining 25% emphasises international training modules.

➢     During the initial 3 months, students will undergo a combination of online training (150 hours) + Practical Training in labs (100 hours).

➢     And from the 4th month to 6 months it is a combination of Online Learning + On the Job assignments.

➢     In the 4th, 5th & 6th Months of the assignment, individuals will get paid a stipend of Rs. 15,000/ per month.

Why choose us?

➢     Secure a permanent job with a competitive salary package.

➢     Leverage your technical and creative engineering skills while gaining valuable experience through hands-on involvement with real equipment on live business projects.

➢     Get professionally groomed, trained & certified to start an enriching journey in the industry.

➢     Quick start your career with the CGD, a promising opportunity in India for the upcoming two decades.

➢     Gain the potential to start your entrepreneurial venture in the CGD domain.

What Else?


Our course lets you-

➢     Engage with real project challenges and gain access to cutting-edge technologies

➢     Receive training, job rotations, and coaching to develop both technical and soft skills

➢     Explore the world of Engineering Jobs and collaborate with individuals from diverse international backgrounds

➢     Gain insights into numerous roles, organisations, and cultures to jump-start a successful career

➢     Abundant opportunities for personal and professional accomplishment

  • Introduction To City Gas Distribution

  • Overview Of Natural Gas And Petroleum As Energy Solutions

  • Metal Technology

  • Designing of gas networks and pipeline

  • Introduction to PNGRB and CGD


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